Sunday, December 31, 2017

18 inch Boy Doll Clothes Fit American Boy Dolls

Even though it is very cold where I live, there are some very warm places still left on this earth like CA, AZ, FL.... so I made some boy doll clothes - shirt and shorts. I have custom American Boy doll that I purchased - Nick.  American Girl Doll Company just released 4 new American Boy dolls.  There are now 5 from AG company.

 I had a lot of fun setting up for the photographs and gathering photo props to go with the clothes.  My grandson likes to play with my doll photo props like the fishing pole, fish, trucks, cars, basketball so I had to look for some of the items. I buy small scale items to use for photo props.  Miniature toys are best size for doll photos.

I have these outfits listed on my Etsy Shop Stitches2Paint 

Dump Truck, Ninja Turtle, Basketball theme short sets

The Second Bundle Set I made is from a Nautical Theme 

Nautical Theme - Fish, Anchors and Blue Denim shorts

Do you have an American Boy Doll?  Have you seen the four new ones they just released?

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Pink Hedgehog Outfit for Wellie Wishers an American Girl Doll

I have purchased several new designs for Heat Transfer Vinyl designs for doll shirts.  Camille below is modeling the new Hedgehog short paired up with pink rose skirt.

Here  is the link to purchase this outfit on Etsy Pink Hedgehog Outfit for Wellie Wishers

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tutorial on how to Make Farmhouse Style Wooden Slice Christmas Ornaments

I am starting to do live FB post on my  Stitches 2 Paint Facebook Business Page and last week.  I am still new to learning to do live Facebook. I am branching out doing more creative things other than just sewing doll clothes.  I hope to inspire you to do the same.  My new designed Etsy Store Stitches 2 Paint and FB page names have been changed to reflect that Stitches 2 Paint.

In my second live Facebook I did a tutorial on how to make Farmhouse Style Wooden Slice Christmas Ornaments.  

I love the white background with black lettering paired up with red and black buffalo plaid ribbon

I love the Rae Dunn font she uses on her farmhouse dishes and accessories.  I purchased commercial license for a font that is similar that represent Tall Skinny letters to make these wooden slices.
There is a a free font on Dafont called The Skinny for personal use only but if you want to sell items using it then you will need to purchase the commercial license. There are some SVF Fonts also on Etsy to use with your vinyl cutting software. has a similar font called Overcoat & Snowflakes Extras that comes with commercial license also.

I purchased these round wooden slice/circles from Hobby Lobby to use.

Here is the live video I did on Facebook showing start to finish how I made them.  I show several versions of hand painting the letters and applying vinyl cut with Cameo machine. 

I hope you enjoyed the video, be sure to like and follow my FB business page for more live video tutorials on a variety of crafting/sewing/embroidery/painting
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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Loving some Buffalo Plaid items for this Winter Because Baby Its Cold Outside

 It may not be cold in your area...Yet... We have been having a mild winter here in KY but that is about to change next week. So who's ready for Winter, Cold Weather, BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE weather?
 Here are a few items I have made with Buffalo Plaid Blankets and Heat Transfer Vinyl Designs

 Door Hanger I made for my front door using a wood embroidery hoop, fabric, Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) and made the bow from ribbon.
 Let it Snow using Glitter Flake Heat Transfer Vinyl - the kind of glitter I like that doesn't get on you and everything else around you.
 Movie channel and a Hot chocolate kind of day. I purchased this design off of Etsy

Who Loves Sweater Weather? Love how this tin mug turned out.  I used April Blossom font and used my Cameo Silhouette vinyl cutter to make the design.

 Here are some Doll outfits I made with Plaid fabric.  Camille a Wellie Wisher Doll modeling the black and red Buffalo Plaid and its listed on Etsy GiGi's Doll Creations
 Below Grace is modeling this outfit that was a custom order for a customer. 

I am going to be changing up my blog and Etsy store  and adding a variety of items other than just doll clothes. I use to sell tooth fairy pillows monogrammed and burp clothes along with my doll clothes when I first opened up my Etsy shop.  So going to give it a try again.  Hopes it's not too confusing.  I think having two Etsy shops might be a bit too much for me. 

I have started using vinyl - heat transfer designs for other things other than just doll clothes.  I have started back to embroidering.  I bought a new embroidery machine, Brother Innovis 1400 E machine.  So I am starting to do more with embroidering.  I have also started painting wood decor/door hangers.  So I am wanting to start blogging about them and showing you some tips and tutorials that I have learned.  

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Monday, June 12, 2017

18 inch Boy Doll Clothes American Doll - Shark Design

I am slowly starting to get back to sewing.  With the move and renovations it has taken a long time.  I have a custom American Boy Doll that I purchased last year - Nick.  I made a summer short set - for the 18 inch American Girl/Boy Doll.

Short sleeve shirt with red shark - heat transfer vinyl made by me, paired up with a pair of navy blue shorts with red and teal colored sharks.

 Click Here to purchase the Boy Doll short set from my Etsy shop GiGis Doll Creations

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trendy Doll Clothes that Fit Barbie Dolls Without Costing a Fortune

I was in Walmart buying some toys and noticed a collection of dolls called Sparkle Girlz and they had a variety of clothes to choose from.  I examined the dolls and noticed there shape and size was very similar to Barbie dolls. The outfits were only $1.97. So,  I purchased several sets of the clothes.
 Adorable top that has clear elastic shoulder straps, denim shorts with velcro closure in back, and adorable purple high heel shoes. All for $1.97.  Below is sneak preview of just one of the outfits I purchased - so stay tuned to see other outfits that I purchased.

 Cannot wait to mix and match doll clothes and shoes with these clothes. 

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Barbie Size Flamingo Pool Float DIY Tutorial

I had seen several photo's of Barbie size dolls on a pink flamingo float.  At first I was thinking it was a special float made just for Barbie Dolls.  After searching on Google, I realized it was not specifically made for Barbie or similar size dolls.  They are referred to as Beverage Boats, Drink Floats, inflatable cup holders, and there are other styles than just the flamingo's.  Since I love pink and so does Barbie I went on a hunt locally to find a pink flamingo.  My local Walmart did not carry them but could order online.  I finally found a package at Hobby Lobby.  Package of 4 for $3.99.

 I know it is not officially summer, but the weather is summer like

 Barbie is wearing her new swimsuit from the Barbie Dolphin Magic Collection that comes with the adorable puppy with sunglasses. 
I was so excited to find the pink flamingo, I was thinking the package only had one.  I didn't even see 4 cups on the package.  4 inflatable cups for 3.99 is a bargain, and if you can use your 40% off coupon can get for less.  I was buying a higher priced item that was not on sale so I used the coupon on it.
 I am going to use my X-acto knife and remove the thin layer of plastic that holds the cup  that way I can insert Barbie all the way through. 

Barbie needs a cool beverage in her hand 

It pays to have your "dolls eyes" on at all times when shopping.  There are so many miniature items - DIY, and mini tutorials that can be used for dolls like Barbie.

I hope you enjoyed this mini DIY tutorial