Wednesday, May 28, 2014

American Girl Doll Closet and Hanger Tutorial

Just as girls need closets for their many clothes and shoes so does the American Girl Dolls. I found this doll closet on clearance at Michael's for 14.99 from the Springfield collection.

Tutorial on making  store bough closet into your dolls person doll closet

I purchased toddler size hangers from the Dollar Tree - get 6 for a $1.00 - pink, blue, and white are the color choices I had at my store.  I had my husband cut off part of the hanger to fit the 18 inch doll clothes.  He used his upside down Jig Saw.  He said you could use a band saw to cut the plastic. 

 This is where he made the cut.
 The finished product.
I like these that have the curved notch - great for hanging up doll clothes with straps. 
 I think this makes an excellent doll closet for any American Girl doll or other 18 inch dolls.
McKenna is trying on shoes.
 What will we wear today?

Thanks GiGi

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  1. My granddaughter asked me to make hangers for her doll closet. I can't wait to make them for her. Part of her Christmas present this year.