Sunday, June 5, 2016

Love Cheer Doll Clothes with Doll Size Cheer Pom Pom Tutorial

I purchased a lot of Cheer designs to make some Cheer Doll clothes with.  Today I made a short set and used blue and white vinyl to create this Love Cheer set.

McKenna Brooks, an American Girl of the Year 2012 (GOTY 2012) is modeling this outfit.

The Letters LVE are chevron and the letter O has pom pom instead of letter O.  Blue shorts with white polka dots coordinates this outfit. 

Doll Size Cheer Pom Pom Tutorial 

 Here is a quick tutorial of how I made these cheer pom poms after watching a YoutTube video on making adult size and I just made my doll size and I used plastic table clothes that I purchased at Dollar tree.  I used my rotary cutter and cut them into small strips - I would fold the plastic table cloths several times until it was about 6 inches wide. Trim off a small amount on each side to make single layers.  I would cut the strips about 1/4 inches wide,  alternate them and placed them all together and I used a zip tie with a pony tail holder and looped around a bunch of them keeping them secure. Trim off excess zip tie.   I took a blow dryer very careful not to get to close waving it back and forth to get the crinkle affect. While the plastic strips were still warm I  crunched them up in my hand. 

Photo Tutorial  

Now cut the white strips just like you did the blue strips

Gather up your stips - alternate your colors until you feel you have enough to make a thick pom pom. 
After you have the amount you want then use your zip tie and pony tail holder to keep them secure.

You can use different size sip ties and pony tail holders - just keep in mind smaller is better.  Larger pony tail hold as shown with the white one in photo you will need to wrap around dolls hand several times to keep the pom pom in her hand.  With the smaller one as shown using the blue pony tail holder will only wrap around once.  When choosing zip tie want to get the color that coordinates with the color of plastic using.  My first one I made I only had black and it work fine in the blue and white pom pom.

Cut excess zip tie 

Use blow drier after you have strips secured.  Scrunch in hand while waving hot air from blowing drier over strips.  Be careful not to melt the strips. Continue until you have the desired effects.

Here I used a larger pony tail hold and a black zip tie when I made this in 2015. Still works great for play and photo shoots. 

The pony tail holder is what you wrap around the dolls hand to have them stay put in the dolls hands. 

 McKenna's blue eyes looks great with this outfit

 GiGi's Doll Creations on Etsy to purchase this outfit or request one in different colors.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me.