Saturday, November 1, 2014

Doll Purses - Pattern Review

I purchased several patterns over the summer and am just now able to start sewing with some of them.  I purchased the Grab N Go bag from Peppermint Sticks on Pixie Faire and today I made several doll purses used the tote option.  There are several options to use with this pattern.

The pattern calls for plastic Jelly bracelets and I found a bundle (24 various colors - 3 of each color like pink, yellow, black, white, orange, purple blue, teal) sold in the jewelry department at Wal-mart for under $3:00.  This pattern I give a A+ - easy to follow. No adjustments needed.  Pattern well written with instructions and lots of photographs. 

First one I made is the Shoe Diva Closet tote.  I used pink and white hounds tooth coordinating fabric for the lining.  Also below in the photo is a pink jewelry box I got for $2:00 at a Kids consignment store this week to use as AG doll furniture and to use in photo props. 
 Shown below is the lining using the pink and white hounds tooth fabric. 
 I purchased this pink wire dress form on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $4.00 - to use for photo props and in doll house.

Next I made the Scottish Terrier tote.  I already had the black shirt and the pink/grey/black skirt made and I decided to applique the scottie dog onto the shirt to coordinate a matching outfit.
 Used black jelly bracelets for the handles on the tote

 Here is a better view of the wire dress form I purchased from Hobby Lobby. When I go shopping I am always looking for items to use for dolls - I call it "My dolls eye" view. 

Next is the Retro - Julie 1970's theme tote

Here is used coordinating polka dot fabric for the lining and used lime green jelly bracelets for the handles. 

Love this Retro print fabric.  I actually made a tunic top from this pattern and headband for my granddaughter for her Halloween costume.  I want to make some clothing for AG doll using this print too. 

Here is another Diva Shoe Closet tote - using dark purple and black animal print for the lining.

Here is another Diva Shoe Closet tote - using light purple with darker purple animal print for the lining. 

These tote bags for American Girl Doll are listed on my Etsy store for 7.99.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Giveaway Doll Outfit for 18 inch or American Girl Doll

Sorry for not posting for several months now.  Health issues, new grandchild born and it's just been really busy.  I wanted to do my own giveaway  to those that follow me on this blog, my Facebook page, Etsy, and or Pinterest, so I have selected an outfit. So head on over to my GiGi's Doll Creations Facebook link

 The winner will be announced one week from today - on November 2, 2014.One you must be following my Facebook page GiGi's Doll Creations and in the comment section on Facebook leave a comment  and I will tally up the number of comments and use the App random number generation and select a winner. Below are photos of the outfit I have chosen. The outfit consist of grey and black animal print shirt and grey skirt. The hair accessory, shoes, or items used for photo props are not included.  Best of luck. I will contact winner via message on Facebook to get address to mail the outfit too.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Nominated for Liebster Award

 I was nominated  for the Liebster Award by Kate from The Organized Dream Blogspot

It's an online award passed on from blogger to blogger of his or her choosing to recognize up and coming bloggers. It has been around for a few years now. There are different badges around as well as different requirements, but no matter what the varying rules are; the general idea remains the same. Answer the question from the blogger who nominated you, nominate other bloggers who you feel deserve this award who are new to blogging and give them your own questions to answer.

My Liebster Nominees are:
Amy Mayen @ Sews N Bows

Diane Rambles @ Diane Rambles Blogspot
Suzi M. @ So Sew Suzi American Girl Doll Cloths

I just wanted to say thank you to Kate for nominating me for this great award. It feels good to be recognized for something I love to do. I hope the nominees I listed above feel the same way because I really think that they have done some amazing things.

Below are the questions that Kate asked me and my answers.

 1. What is the one thing in this world you could never live without? This one is really hard - life's necessities and family. Besides those I would choose internet.  
2. How many hours to do you commit to blogging in a week? 1-2 hours.
3. If there was one thing in this world you could change, what would it be? The Evil acts people commit. 
4. Are you excited for football season and, if so, what is your favorite team? Not into sports.
5. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
6. What is your ideal vacation? Beach
7. What kind of music do you listen to? None - I actually prefer silence.
8. What is your favorite type of dessert? Pecan Pie
9. What is your favorite home decor store? Hobby Lobby
10. How creative do you think you are? Please give example. My creative side is my hobbies - sewing, machine embroidery/applique and using my Brother ScanNCut machine. I use all of these to create handmade items - especially for the American Girl Dolls. 

Thanks again to Kate for my nomination and congrats to those I chose and here are your questions to answer on your blogs for those that I have nominated. Please visit their blogs (by clicking on their names above) to read their answers: 

1. Whom do you mainly sew/craft for?
2. What is your favorite craft and sewing store?
3. What is your favorite pattern/Designer to sew with?
4. What is your one item you must have in sewing/craft room?
5. What is a long time favorite quote?
6. If you could take a dream vacation where would it be?
7. What have you learned from blogging?
8. Who is your favorite oldest actress, why and what movie did she star in?
9. What is your favorite style of music?
10. If you had a choice of movies to watch, would it be romantic or action packed and the and name of the movie?
11. What was your favorite holiday? 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wildside Collection free tank top pattern - American Girl Doll Fashion

I have been sewing some new items this week.  Tank tops, night gowns and panties that coordinate each other.  My granddaughters picked out fabric and elastic.  They are like most children - love the animal print designs.  Here are some things I made for them and will be adding to my Etsy store GiGis Doll Creations

Patterns  for night gown and panties are from Love U Bunches.  Tank top a free pattern from Liberty Jane

Wildside doll panties collection
Below are Isabelle and McKenna modeling the tank tops and panties

Thanks GiGi

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sew In Style Make Your Own Doll Clothes Book Review

Several weeks ago I entered an online contest on  a Facebook page click here --> Sew in Style Book  they were giving away the book Sew in Style Make Your Own Doll Clothes by Erin Hentzel.  I won the book and it came in the mail today.  In the contest you had to state who you would like to give the book too.  I have two granddaughters and I wanted to share it with the older one.  I want to inspire her into sewing.  She was really excited when I told her about it.  She will be here in a week so hopefully she pick out some patterns from the book and we can sew them.

I wanted to do a book review on it.  After I opened, I was so excited to win this is an awesome book full of tutorials, resources and patterns. As you can see on the photo above and the one below there are young girls in the photos and to inspire them to sew.  I recommend this book for the young, new to sewing, or advanced sewer.  One can never stop learning. This book is packed with projects and patterns. 22 projects.  Book cost 22.95 - so you are purchasing a pattern for approximately a dollar.  Now that's a sweet deal. 112 pages.

 Sew in Style: Make Your Own Doll Clothes ISBN 978-1-60705-765-6  Soft cover book.
 Chapter one is the Go To Chapter - that is packed full of sewing information  and bright colored photos- sewing notions, fabrics, how to cut patterns, seam allowance, trimming corners, clipping curves, list of supplies, glossary, etc.
If you are a visual learner this book has awesome photos. 

Patterns are at the back of the book and are made on thick paper. Patterns - here are just a few of the 22 projects  - skirts, tops, dresses, bracelet, purses, PJ's, sleeping bag, shorts, pants, yoga pants,  headbands, jeans, tunic top - awesome doll wardrobe collection.

Links for Sew in Style
Avery Lane Designs website
Avery Lane Designs on Facebook
Sew in Style on Facebook
Etsy - to purchase her other patterns and the book.

I have give this book 5 stars *****.  Well written and I cannot wait to sew doll clothes from this book and help inspire my granddaughters to sew too.  On the they are having a summer sewing camp.  Be sure and check it out.  They are giving away prizes too.

I hope to inspire you and your daughters or sons to start sewing doll clothes too and build your sewing skills.

As always, thanks for stopping and browsing my blog.


WW 1 Historical 18 inch Doll Nursing Uniform Pattern Review

I had the pleasure of being a doll pattern tester for Genniewren Etsy link on making the WW 1 Nurse Uniform for 18 inch dolls  Being a Registered Nurse - I was humbled and honored to test this pattern.

This was my first pattern to test.  I learned to make sure you read all instructions and not to sew when you are really tired.  I made a couple of mistakes - but they were my own.  The pattern is well written  with detailed instructions and a lot of photos.  I am a visual learner. Sometimes I have to see what the end results needs to be before I can sew it. I have to have a visual in my head. Sometimes that can be challenging to me. The pattern has two variations - two different collars, two different hats, and two different aprons.  Two arm bands and the option of making the sleeve protectors.

At the end of the pattern, there are several pages well written explaining the history of WW 1 nursing and several historical photos of nurses wearing their uniforms. The photo above and below are from Genniewrens  Pattern. 

Here are my photos:

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

18 inch Doll Furniture for Living Room Doll House

I was needing some furniture for the living room in the granddaughters doll house.  Dear hubby said he would make me a couch and chair.  Here is our tutorial on making the 18 inch doll couch and chair.

He used craft pine  board 3/8 inch thick,, 6 inches wide, 36 inches long from Lowes (bought 2).  He used his table saw, table router, drill press, nail gun and wood glue. He did not have a pattern.  He took the doll and measured her and decided to make the furniture sitting low the ground so the doll would sit more naturally.  He made a decorative scroll on the front panel of couch
and chair.

 Shown in photo's below he drew a layout by penciling in where to pre-drill holes for nails. Used drill press with 1/8 inch drill bit - lining up holes for front and back.  In photo in lower left hand corner, used a larger drill bit for counter sinking nail heads.

Using Black and Decker orange drill, he us pre-drilling holes for nails in front, back seat, and scroll panel.

 In photos below, he instered nails - paneling nail with ridges. Used Tight Bond wood glue to attach sides.  Used  counter sink punch to tap in nails to counter sink.  In photo in lower right hand corner, used wood filler to fill in nail head holes for smooth finish.

Various views of the chair.
  For the arms of the chair, he routed the edges off to make them smooth and curved.

He did a curve on each side panel on couch and chair with using the band saw to make a decorative curve. View the above photo in the lower left corner. 

We cut one long piece of foam that we purchased from Hobby Lobby and two pieces of foam for back cushions on the couch.  For the chair we only cut two pieces of foam one for bottom and one for back.  I did not have a pattern to make the coverings for the foam cushions.   I measured the foam and added 1/4 inch seam allowance and cut my fabric. I made a pattern using freezer paper.  For the strips I measured all the way around and added 1/4 inch to end and sides to allow for sewing.  

  Measurements for fabric for the bottom  foam cushion on couch was  14 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches (cut 2).  Strip was 39 inches x 1 1/2 inches wide - cut one.
 Fabric for back seat cushions on chair and couche  were 4 1/2 x 7 1/2 (cut 2 for each cushion  which was 8 total) and strip was 22 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches wide (cut 4 for the four cushions.  The bottom cushion for the chair was the same.

I am using straight stitch on my Brother sewing machine.  I decided which side was the back and I started sewing the strip in the middle.  I did not sew right end of the strip.  I left about 1/4 so that when I brought the strip around I could join the two by sewing them together, then laying the fabric down and finish attaching the strip to the fabric.

I left an opening in the back, inserted the foam and then did a straight stitch and finished sewing up the back/bottom piece.

I made some pillows.  I just cut a 4 x 4 square, sewed the sides, turned right side out and stuffed with poly fil stuffing and folded the end that was open down and placed under sewing machine foot and closed with a straight stitch.

I think I need an end table and some wall decor.  The flat screen TV - made from $1.00 photo frame from Walmart.  I made a copy of Saige's book - Paints the Sky and cut it out to fit the fame.  Used command strips to hang on the wall. 

I hope you have enjoyed this doll furniture tutorial.  If you have any comments  leave below or questions please ask. Be sure to click on the right side of screen - Follow this blog to see more inspirational, creative and fun things to do for you American Girl dolls or other 18 inch dolls.  As always, thank you for stopping by.