Sunday, June 23, 2013

18 inch Boy Doll Makeover #2

I had already purchased Dana from Toy's R Us store before I purchased Lilly Anna from Target to change over to a boy.  After I got home and looked more closely I was thinking she would be difficult to change into a boy doll.  After I changed Lilly Anna to Ryan (here is the link tutorial just in case you missed it

I decided not to return Dana to the store but change her to boy doll - Blake. 
This is what she looked like at first - meet Dana -
 Dana in the box above. Below is a close up of Dana with her glasses on.
 Below is Dana undressed, small braid in hair removed. Getting ready for the transformation.  As you can see Dana has longer eyelashes.
I used magic eraser to remove pink blush on cheeks
Left side of face - all of the blush has been removed.
 Here we used the burnt ? something to paint on the eyebrows.  Since the hair is darker on this one, we only used one color to thicken the eyebrows.
 Here my husband in making sure the eyebrows match

Journey dolls hair is section off into wider rows of rooted hair.  She was a little bit more challenging that the Generation doll with the full thick head of hair.

Here the hair is sectioned off into three sections to cut hair

 Using texturizing shears to cut hair to prevent the blunt doll hair cut (like the kind you get when the kids use regular scissors when cutting dolls hair....)

Hair has been cut and now trimming the long eyelashes.

Are You Ready To Meet Blake?

I hope I have inspired you in this blog as well as my others to try something or to do something that has been a wish or goal.  I have had several people tell me that I am "a go getter - when you decide on something you just do it". I agree I am. I never try to let fear get in my way - well except for that machine sitting to my left....the beast the Serger.  I do not know why I fear that machine.  Oh well - maybe this week I will tackle it and master it. 

I made the red T-shirt and the shorts - transportation print with airplane, fire truck, cars, and trucks.

I hope you have enjoyed the transformation from Dana to Blake.
Thanks for reading.