Monday, March 19, 2018

Pioneer Woman Inspired Farmhouse Style Kitchen Curtains DIY Tutorial

I have been seeing some items made from Pioneer Woman that are being sold in Walmart.  I fell in love with the Patchwork Design.  I have been seeing these for about 6 months or longer.  My local Walmart stores have not had any...until last week when I spotted the Patchwork Design Table Cloth.  I had seen on some Facebook groups where people were using some of her fabrics from napkins and table clothes to make curtains. 

So when I seen my local store had the Patchwork Design table clothes I purchase two of them to make valences for my windows and doors that have windows for my kitchen.  I have written out how I made my farmhouse style kitchen curtains - Pioneer Woman Inspired.

Here is the tablecloth I purchased.

Here is a valence I made for the door with a window. 

I used wide pocket curtain rods for the curtains. I measured the width and the length where I wanted to curtains to come on windows.  I hemmed top and bottom.  Then I folded down 5 1/4 inches and stitched that 

Here I am stitching the part I folded over.

 I used a few pins to hold it down ( since I dislike pins).  I measured every now to make sure I was still on target.

For the top flange part above the pocket rod I need to sew a straight line 1 1/4 down from the top of the fabric.  For me to do this and keep the fabric straight I used a piece of painters tape and placed on the sewing machine as my guide.

Here is photo finished product showing the flange part of the top of the curtain.

Here is the painters tape for my guide

Here you can see me sewing and using the painters tape as my guide

Here are photos of the finished product - Pioneer Woman inspired Kitchen Curtains made from the fabric from purchased Pioneer Woman Patchwork Design tablecloth 

These curtains match my Faux wood sign I made ( I made a tutorial on another blog on how I made the wall decor)

Now need to make some more wall decor for my other walls to coordinate curtains and this sign.

Good things come to those that wait.....cause I waited a long time. I hope you have enjoyed this DIY tutorial on how to make curtains -   Farmhouse style Pioneer Woman Inspired Kitchen Curtains.  

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Farmhouse Faux Barn Wood Wall Decor DIY Tutorial

I had my husband cut out the wood design.  I watched a tutorial on YouTube on Faux wood painting and created this design for my kitchen wall.  Now to decide which wall I want to hang it on.

I used mostly Apple Barrel Paint and for the Aqua color I used Folk Art Aqua paint. I used wired burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby to create the bow.  Jute for string to hang.

 Used Flamenco Red for the base coat
 For the faux barn wood paint I used  Khaki, Black and Dark grey
 Here is the paint on Styrofoam plate and stiff cheap brush
 Slightly Dip bristles into paint and dab onto paper towel 
 And create soft brush strokes with very little paint. 
 Use stiff brush, lightly brush on different natural occurring colors to create faux wood look.
 Painted black lines down the front to create the faux barn wood panels. Highlighted with some of the Khaki paint
I used Sweet Hipster font from dafont to create the words Grateful, Thankful and Blessed on my Cameo Silhouette machine.  I am not good at totally free hand painted words - yet.  It takes time and practice. 
 I used Ormask 813 stencil cutting vinyl and did the reverse weeding method by taking the words out. 
 I used transfer paper to apply Ormask 813 to the wood.  Removed the transfer tape and made sure the vinyl was pressed onto the wood to prevent any of the paint going under the vinyl. 
Here is the paint I used for the letters
 I used round foam dabber to lightly paint the letters.  I did light coats - 2 - 3 times. I then pulled up the vinyl while the paint was still wet.

Attached the bow and jute string to hand with using staple gun.  Here is the finished product.  

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on creating a Farmhouse Style Barn Wood Wall decor.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

How to Make a Doll Space Cadet Shirt Video Tutorial

I made a video and uploaded to my Facebook Page GiGi's Designs - Stitches2Paint
 On how I made a doll shirt with Space Cadet design using heat transfer vinyl and showed sewing it. Doll shirt is for boy or girl doll.

Sewing Video Tutorial click above

  This is my custom American Boy Doll that I purchased several years ago. 

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Paw Print Doll Scrubs and DIY Doll Vet Clinic for American Girl

I absolutely love staging and taking photos of dolls to make them as realistic as I can.  Tonight I made a pair of Paw Print Doll Scrubs and used items to stage a animal clinic.  Chrissa is an American Girl doll and is one of my favorite dolls.  I think she photographs beautifully.

Dog treats, x-ray and stuffed brown puppy dog are from My Life Doll  Vet collection from Walmart.
 Dog Vet posters, clip board, jar of dog treats were purchased from My Life Doll collection and the phone is from Toys R Us Journey doll collection, and the microscope is from Target from Our Generation Science Lab collection. 
  Syringe and doll stethoscope comes from the My Life Vet set. This dog is from American Girl Doll

  This computer/laptop and stylist comes from Target Our Generation Doll Collection.  The pink drawer came from Dollar Tree.  White counter is a custom built counter/cabinet that my husband made me for photos.
Here's an up close look at the clipboard, phone , dog treats and microscope.

Here is the back view of the doll scrubs

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