Sunday, February 10, 2013

Barbie and Taylor Swift Guitar

I was going through some clearance items at Walmart and came across a guitar ornament.  I picked up the box and it was a guitar by Talyor Swift.  My head began to spin of thinking of how this is just the right size for a Barbie doll.  The sticker on the box had $17.50 but I only paid $3.50 for it. Sometimes we have to use our

I removed the tiny ornament holder hook from the head othe neck of the guitar.  There is a tiny button on the back that plays one of her famous songs (sorry do not know name of song).  I purchased it for my oldest granddaughter for Valentines and today she accidently opened a bag and seen it.  So needless to say I gave it to her. She was so excited. We got a Barbie doll and the strap on the guitar comes off and we put it on the doll.
Then we had to have a "concert" with the other dolls.  Both granddaughters had a lot of fun playing with it.

                               Pic from one of the fans at concert.....

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pink Cowgirl Outfits for American Girl doll

I have been wanting to make some cowgirl style outfits for American Girl dolls.  I bought some pink cowgirl print fabric from Wal-mart.  It has a variety of items such as a pink guitar, white and pink cowboy hats, pink cowgirl boots, spur, star badge with the words cowgirl, pink horse shoes, gun holster, pink saddle and rope. I cut out several of the items and used heat n bond and attached to the dolls top. I also appliqued some of the designs onto the flarred denim jeans.  I made two outfits.  I used  Simplicity 4786 for the flarred denim jeans and flarred hot pink pants. These outfits are listed on Etsy and

Pink  and Denim Cowgirl Outfit #1
                       Star cowgirl badge, gun holster appliqued onto top

              Purple hat - purchased from Walmart from My Life Doll series
Spur with two pink horse shoes appliqued onto the left leg of the denim jeans.

                                   Denim purse with pink cowgirl boots
                  Accessory - Purple cellphone got for $1 dollar from Dollar Store
Hot Pink Cowgirl Outfit - black T-shirt with hot pink flarred leg pants.

          Star cowgirl badge with pink cowgirl boots appliqued onto shirt
                                            Enjoying the sunshine. 
                  Black T-shirt made from Liberty Janes Trendy T-shirt pattern.
Back view of T-shirt

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Doll clothes sold locally

Not all of my doll clothes make it to Etsy. I thought I would show some of my creations here on my blog.
Safari Print Capri outfit
                                  Hot pink with black dot capri set
                        Cordurory zebra print skirt with black T-shirt
White T-shirt
                                        White Tank Top
                                         Black Tank Top
                                         Black T-shirt

Brown and black scarf
                                       Black, Red, and Grey scarf
                                    Blue and White Scarf
My first "ruffled" shirt. Three piece capri/skirt set

                                    Pink animal print capri set
 Pink peasant top with brow cordurory skirt
                                Hot pink polka dot skirt and purse
Pink shirt with ping frog print skirt and purse
                         Lot of skirts and purses to match
                                         Light pink capri set
Peace bedding set
PJ's peace and flower print
                                      Flannel PJ's pink zebra print
                                Pink and green lady bug print PJ's
PJ's with heart appliqued (sold several of these sets)


Slippers (direction patterns from McCalls was a lot  of   fun....took me a while to do these.
I really do enjoy making doll clothes. It is rewarding to me to sew.

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Barbie Doll - Leopard print - Bed in a Box (handmade)

I had seen several post using a photo box as a base for a bed for dolls such as Barbie, Liv, Monster High.  I used a black photo box as the base for the bed, then I used the lid for headboard.  I fastened the headboard with velcro.  You can remove lid and store bedding inside box and put away for storage if needed. Leopard print duck tape used to decorate the headboard.

Handmade matteress sits on top of bed

 A handmade tan flannel bedspread, handmade brown top sheet with leopard ribbon, two handmade pillows, two handmade brown pillow cases, two handmade pale yellow decor/throw pillows.

Show here is the pillow inside of pillow case. 
Barbie shown making bed.
The "doll clothing armiore" shown in background  is a jewery box I got at a consignment store for $2.00
View looking down on to bed.
Complete bedding set - "bed in a box"
                                          Barbie sleeping in bed.
I am thinking about listing this on Etsy to sell.  My granddaughters love it.  The box is sturdy and I believe it will hold up well.  The good thing is you can put all bedding inside box, put lid on box and store if needed.

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