Sunday, February 10, 2013

Barbie and Taylor Swift Guitar

I was going through some clearance items at Walmart and came across a guitar ornament.  I picked up the box and it was a guitar by Talyor Swift.  My head began to spin of thinking of how this is just the right size for a Barbie doll.  The sticker on the box had $17.50 but I only paid $3.50 for it. Sometimes we have to use our

I removed the tiny ornament holder hook from the head othe neck of the guitar.  There is a tiny button on the back that plays one of her famous songs (sorry do not know name of song).  I purchased it for my oldest granddaughter for Valentines and today she accidently opened a bag and seen it.  So needless to say I gave it to her. She was so excited. We got a Barbie doll and the strap on the guitar comes off and we put it on the doll.
Then we had to have a "concert" with the other dolls.  Both granddaughters had a lot of fun playing with it.

                               Pic from one of the fans at concert.....

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