Monday, February 4, 2013

Barbie Doll - Leopard print - Bed in a Box (handmade)

I had seen several post using a photo box as a base for a bed for dolls such as Barbie, Liv, Monster High.  I used a black photo box as the base for the bed, then I used the lid for headboard.  I fastened the headboard with velcro.  You can remove lid and store bedding inside box and put away for storage if needed. Leopard print duck tape used to decorate the headboard.

Handmade matteress sits on top of bed

 A handmade tan flannel bedspread, handmade brown top sheet with leopard ribbon, two handmade pillows, two handmade brown pillow cases, two handmade pale yellow decor/throw pillows.

Show here is the pillow inside of pillow case. 
Barbie shown making bed.
The "doll clothing armiore" shown in background  is a jewery box I got at a consignment store for $2.00
View looking down on to bed.
Complete bedding set - "bed in a box"
                                          Barbie sleeping in bed.
I am thinking about listing this on Etsy to sell.  My granddaughters love it.  The box is sturdy and I believe it will hold up well.  The good thing is you can put all bedding inside box, put lid on box and store if needed.

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