Monday, February 15, 2016

Exclusive Hot Pink Swimsuit for American Girl Doll Lea Clark or other 18 inch Dolls

I had a vision of a swim and tonight I decided to create what I was seeing in my head.  Hot pink swimsuit with lime green elastic trim and star shaped pony beads on shoulder straps and I wanted a fringe across the top.  I had just recently purchased new Lycra knit fabric that had a lot of colors in it so I used it for my fringe.

 Can see the star shaped beads on shoulder straps
 Neon Orange Headband

As I am just now finishing this post, just heard Cha Ching sound from Etsy - this sold in under 10 minutes after I listed it on Etsy. One-piece-doll-hot-pink-swimsuit 

I will be making more this week. Thanks for stopping by


American Girl Doll Clothes "Under The Sea Collections" by GiGi's Doll Creations

I decided to make a series of doll shirts  titled "Under the Sea Collections" with vinyl designs I have been making or buying the designs to make such as mermaids, starfish, sea turtles, dolphins, flowers, some are plain and some have tribal designs.  They have been selling very well in my Etsy Store -

 Sea Turtle with Hibiscus flower in center with rainbow colored Tie-dyed word "Brazil

Lea is on the beach wearing  Little Crabs - short set

Tribal Sea Turtle - sold within an hour after listing - will be making more.

 Just listed this blue tribal dolphin making waves shirt

 Mermaid - sparkling Jade color that Caroline is wearing. 
 Kanani is wearing the neon raspberry mermaid shirt.
 Lea Clark is wearing the white shirt with raspberry sea turtle with Hibiscus flower in the center.
 Lea Clark is wearing pink shirt with solid green Sea Turtle with the word Brazil done in rainbow colored tie dye print.
 Lea is on the beach wearing her neon raspberry Hibiscus flower shirt

McKenna is on the beach wearing Little Starfish Capri outfit - shirt has starfish on it. 

Lea is wearing Little Crabs short set 

Below Lea is wearing little crabs Capri set with a different crab on the shirt. carpi-outfit-little-crab-diggers
 Little crabs with yellow pail - adorable print on hot pink fabric

This shirt is personal use - Beach Hair Don't Care 
 I will be making my own version of the " Beach Hair Don't Care" to sell on Etsy.

Hope you are enjoying my special collections of "Under The Sea" American Girl Doll Fashion.

Also listed on Etsy is bedding with Sea Turtles - here is a pillow I have listed Sea Turtle Pillow

As Always, thank you for stopping by and browsing 


American Girl Doll 2016 Swimsuit Collection by GiGi's Doll Creations for Lea Clark and other American Girl Dolls

I have been making vinyl design shirts with various designs and fell in love with the notion of Under the Sea.  I made some designs and purchased some files to create my special series of "Under the Sea Collection" which have been selling almost as soon as I list them in my Etsy Store -

I have been making sarongs for swimsuits and even swim suits for Lea Clark and other American Girl Dolls.

 Sarong with blue Sea Turtle - very similar to the one American Girl gave away on grand opening of Lea Clark on January 1 and 2.

 Below Isabelle is enjoying the beach drinking from her coconut cup

Below Lea is wearing geometric swimsuit and hot pink sarong with blue sea Turtle

 Here is lime green with pink starfish.

Here are the some of the swim suits I have made also and either have sold on have listed on Etsy

 View of the back of the two piece swimsuit.
 Isabelle modeling this swimsuit below.  She is ready to lay on the beach and relax.  Has her cooler filled with ice cold water and has her sunscreen too. 
Below is the Sunglass print with palm trees  two piece swim suit - Lea Clark is wearing this. 

Below Kanani is modeling the two piece swim suit.
Lime Green with rainbow colored tie-dye trim - Lea Clark is on the beach wearing this two piece swimsuit. 
 Two piece - boycut style bottoms. 

I will me making plenty more of the swim suits. Lots more fabric options and trims. 

As Always thanks for stopping by, follow this page for updates, follow my Etsy store for the up to date Doll Fashion for the American Girl Dolls


My Creation of Look-A-Like Lea Clark American Girl Doll 2016 Two-Piece Swim Suit

I decided to make my own version of the two piece swim suit like the one in the American Girl Doll Catalog for Lea Clark.

 Item already SOLD on ETSY - Don't worry, I will be making more like this one and different versions including a one piece with the fringe and beads also. 
Lime green and hot pink trim with the  top portion has fringe across the top 
 View of the Back of the two piece swim suit

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As Always - Thanks for stopping by - GiGi

Rainbow Colored Tie Dye Butterfly Collection for Lea Clark or other American Girl Dolls

 I have created my own version of the Rainbow Colored Tie-Dyed Butterfly shirts similar to Lea Clark's in the American Girl Catalog.  I have sold several of these in my Esty Store

 Here Lea Clark is modeling the solid tie dye vinyl design butterfly. 

 Rainbow Tie Dye Solid Butterfly

Below Julie is wearing this tie dye butterfly - has some of the wing/color removed in this design. This is a very popular design. Popular rainbow colored tie-dye single butterfly shirt

Here below Julie is wearing this wider tie dye butterfly.  Rainbow Colored single butterfly

Isabelle is wearing the popular design butterfly paired up with olive green leggings. Here is the link for the leggings Olive green leggings

Thanks for stopping by.  Lots new items listed on Etsy and more coming soon.