Friday, June 14, 2013

Free Doll Shorts pattern for American Girl

I came across a pin for American Girl doll shorts on Pinterest.

Below is the link for the pattern.

Free pattern - cute shorts pattern for american girl dolls link below for free pattern and tutorial for shorts from Sew Adollable.  I love this pattern. Give in a 10.  I do not follow the tutorial exactly as photos show.  I learned a new sewing technique from Rosie from Rosie's Doll clothes where you sew your elastic seam first then use straight bodkin to pull elastic through and then sew the elastic and back seam together.  I hate threading elastic through a tight seam.  It is so much quicker this way.  If you want a photo explaining this technique let me know and I will insert one.  I also hem the shorts before sewing the inner seam, faster and easier.

Here are some of the doll shorts I have made.
 I just love how they fit so well.  Not to baggy.  They fit the legs perfect.

I had tried a shorts pattern from McCalls  but only made one pair because they were  huge on the doll.  My 4 year old granddaughter looked at them and made a sad face and said "those are not shorts...they don't fit".  So, I haven't made anymore from that pattern.  Will need to taylor it down. 
UPDATE - here is a photo of using the bodkin
Thanks for stopping by and browsing.  I will be listing new short set's with shoulder bag purse to match very soon.

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