Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Great Doll Finds for American Girl or other 18 inch dolls

My granddaughter's birthday is coming up and she has requested several items for me to get her for presents.  She and her sister both have American Girl dolls and are starting to play more with them than the Barbie dolls.  I took them both to Walmart and Toys R Us last week to give me some ideas on what they want.  (I always buy for both even though it is only one of them birthday's....yeah GiGi spoils them LOL).  So today I went and purchased several items.  At Wal-Mart they have the collections of My Life as Doll and I purchased each of them the Playing in the Rain Set.
It is adorable.  Comes with rain coat with hood, boots, black and white striped leggings, umbrella, stuffed  French Bulldog with leash with it's own rain coat (dog Poncho)  and dog hat. It sells for 14.97.  I so badly want to open the box and try it out myself...LOL. I just may have to go and get one for GiGi's house - of course for the granddaughters to play with when they are here. I just love the red and white polka dots.  (bought two)
At Toys R Us they picked out several Journey Girl items. 
 This is the Travel Set.  Comes with rolling suit case, duffle bag, hair brush,  sunglasses, camera, ipod - tablet, passport, airline tickets, travel roll up bags for washcloths (contains 3) - tooth brush (not included) and tube of lotion and stickers. (purchased two - so they wouldn't fight over it)
 This is the back of the box showing the suitcase with wheels and the other items being used.  Once again - I want to open the box and look at items.  This sells for $16.99

Below are two fashion accessories.  The one on the left contains hat, with flower made from shimmering tulle, has braided ribbon bracelet,  purse, gladiator shoes, cell phone, and money, credit card, and ID.

The box on the right is the workout fashion accessories - contains items for gym -  duffle bag, water bottle, cell phone, velour jacket, and pink tennis shoes. These sell for $9.99 each.  I purchased these so they each could have their own cell phone - but they will have to share the other items in the box - I didn't buy two each of these.
Her birthday party theme will be Hello Kitty.  I have been buying fabric with Hello Kitty and today I made her an outfit (working on other designs too and will post in a separate blog later) from the pink heart Hello Kitty.  I used Liberty Jane Clothing - Bandeau top pattern and I used Rosie's Capri pattern but I altered the pattern by adding length instead of adding the accent band. 
 As you can see, she is playing with Hello Kitty.  I purchased this toy awhile back and I thought I would use it for my photo shoot since I am displaying the Hello Kitty outfit I made.
Feel free to comment and tell about your doll finds and accessories for the dolls or children to play with.
Thanks for stopping - hope you enjoyed.