Sunday, June 2, 2013

Burlap Garden Flags

 I have been overwhelmed with work that I have not really been doing much sewing or embroidering.  For some reason this semester of teaching nursing students seamed like the work load increased 10 fold.  Have you ever got caught up only to be slammed again with another huge load.  That is how it has been the past two months.  Now I am on summer vacation and starting to enjoy sewing and embroidering again. I have purchased several new designs.  I have been seeing some beautiful outdoor garden flags so I decided to purchase my own embroidery designs and some burlap and give a whirl.  I made some for me and my daughter and posted to my Facebook page and bam....the orders came in. 

I had never worked or even cut burlap before.  If you have not either then you are in for a treat. LOL.  That stuff is messy.   I am a neat freak - cannot stand threads I cut from sewing to be on my counter. They immediately have to go in the trash.   I am just a little OCD - once again LOL. I felt like I needed a shop vac to be running continuously while I cut, sewed, and worked with the burlap to keep down the mess.  I have since learned you can pay a little more money for a higher grade of burlap that doesn't make a mess...... My question where is it?  I will pay to have it shipped here.

Enjoy the photos of my creations.  I made one with a bow accent and it was a hit.  Sold several more with bows - forgot to take pictures with the flag so I posted a picture of them. 

This brown chevron came from JoAnn's Fabric store.  I had a request for brown chevron and came across this design

 Black chevron with yellow chevron ribbon to accent the yellow and white dots used in the letter E
These bows went with this flag and the one below.
This design is a split design and can be altered to remove the Mr. and Mrs. and put first names.

This Split Design is very popular with monogram letter and  last name embroidered in the center
Hope you have enjoyed.  Comments always welcome - especially any tips on working and cutting burlap.

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