Thursday, May 29, 2014

Handmade Summer 18 inch Doll Wardrobe and Pattern Reviews

These past two days I have been busy sewing a summer wardrobe for the American Girl doll (or other 18 inch dolls).  I made some for my granddaughters and made some to be listed in my Etsy store.

My two favorite patterns are from two different doll designers Bunny Bear and Love U Bunches.  

The shirt's were made from a modified pattern from called  Bunny Bear - Bella Twilight jeans and top.

The shoes are made from Love U Bunches Plain Jane Flats.  I slightly modified my using a 5mm foam instead of 2mm.

Pixie Faire Love U Bunches Plain Jane Shoes Doll Clothes Pattern for 18 inch AG Dolls - PDF

If you love to sew like I do - then you will love both of these patterns.  

Thanks GiGi

Serger Brother 1034D - Tutorial on How to Oil

I love sewing with my Brother 1034D Serger.  I was so intimidated when I first got the machine.  I actually let it sit on my sewing counter for about 4 months before I decided - I can do this.  I feared changing the thread.  It is a piece of easy. Just follow the instructions on the machine.  If you have not used your machine in the back of the book it says "Oil machine before using".  I did this before I started.  The book also recommends to oil it once a week or once a month depending on how much you use it.  I use mine with almost every garment I sew with - the only items I do not use it on is  when I sew doll shoes for the 18-inch dolls.

I purchased Zoom Sprout from my local Brother Dealer.

I love this bottle.  The design is perfect to getting oil into tiny spots. It has a retractable telescoping spout and the best part it is drip free. 

Lets begin - make sure you clean all dust particles from machine before oiling.

Gently squeeze bottle add a drop or two on the areas that the book shows.  Below are the two areas I am oiling. 

Area #1

 Area #2

Now you are ready to Serge your items.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

American Girl Doll Closet and Hanger Tutorial

Just as girls need closets for their many clothes and shoes so does the American Girl Dolls. I found this doll closet on clearance at Michael's for 14.99 from the Springfield collection.

Tutorial on making  store bough closet into your dolls person doll closet

I purchased toddler size hangers from the Dollar Tree - get 6 for a $1.00 - pink, blue, and white are the color choices I had at my store.  I had my husband cut off part of the hanger to fit the 18 inch doll clothes.  He used his upside down Jig Saw.  He said you could use a band saw to cut the plastic. 

 This is where he made the cut.
 The finished product.
I like these that have the curved notch - great for hanging up doll clothes with straps. 
 I think this makes an excellent doll closet for any American Girl doll or other 18 inch dolls.
McKenna is trying on shoes.
 What will we wear today?

Thanks GiGi

Monday, May 26, 2014

Patriotic Doll Outfit Giveaway

I made a capri set - patriotic with Red, White, & Blue stars and I donated it to Doll Diaries to use in a giveway.  I love how she paired it up with a beautiful headband and the love patriotic chair she used in the photo.   Be sure and click on link and enter to win this outfit.

Thanks GiGi

Sunday, May 25, 2014

American Girl Doll Summer Wardrobe Giveaway $595 Value

You've been waiting for it and the time has arrived for our third American Girl Doll Handcrafted Wardrobe Giveaway. This time the contributors have outdone themselves and created an incredible summer wardrobe. You are going to love it!! This fabulous giveaway is brought to you by the following co-hosts, sponsors, & contributors~
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American Girl -18 inch Doll Headband Tutorial

I made some headbands last year using Glitter sheets from Hobby Lobby (HL).  They are only  1.47 each and can be found in the crafts section sold next to the  individual felt squares.  I made some for my granddaughters and then decided to make some for the American Girl Dolls.  I decided to make matching headbands to match the doll shoes I made. There is a variety of glitter and vinyl sheets. The best part of these - the glitter does not come off.  These are a hot item - great for embroidering shirts - can be washed and dried and does not come off.

I cut them into strips - 11 inches in length and 1/2 inch wide.  I use my rotary cutting tool to cut them along with my self cutting mat and clear ruler. 

I cut braided elastic about 1/14 inches and use zig zag stitch to join the ends.  


If I am using a trim or ribbon I will use Frey Check on ends to keep from unraveling.  Below is using the braided trim I purchased at JoAnn's - from Simplicity. 

Having a little fun with camera and dolls.

Hope you found this DIY tutorial an inspiration and educational for you to make doll headbands for your dolls.