Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thrifty American Doll Finds Roundup #2

When I am out shopping I am always looking for items to use for American Dolls.  I love using items that are realistic and like to use items for photo props.  One of the items I have been wanting to buy is the laptop and bag from Target.  I have not been able to find one in any of the Target stores in IL, MO, or TN or online.  I was looking on Ebay this past week and found one.  It sells for 16.99 at Target and the seller on Ebay had buy in now for 21.00 with 4.00 for S/H.  It would have cost me more if I had to drive - 2 hours for the gas to get it.  So I didn't mind paying that amount for it.  Dear hubby said you paid that for that little thing! LOL yep I did.

It is really small but I love it.
 It even has a small touch screen pen with it.
 It was brand new also.
The next item I seen on Ebay was another item I wanted to use for photo prop when I start making and selling doll scrubs for the vetinary. Pet Carrier.  It is also from Our Generation.
 Isn't it cute?
 Pink and white poodle is from My Life from Wal-mart.
The Dollar Tree has some great items that are just the right size for 18 inch - American Girl Dolls. I found these small cards - learning colors, ABC's, shapes and colors - 3 pack for one dollar.  I also found words, numbers, and another one (granddaughters took it so I cannot remember what it was).  Great for doll school play.
Trophies for anytime of win - package of 4 trophies for only a dollar.
Michaels craft store is another great resource for finding small inexpensive items for dolls. I found these USA Gold metals - perfect right now since the winter Olympics is going on. 10 in a package for 2.99 (cheaper if you use a coupon).

I came across this adorable metal My Little Pony - Best Friends lunch box for $3.00 and it is perfect size for the dolls.
 "Best Friends Forever"
Found this Hello Kitty bracelet for little girls at Target for one dollar and it just the right size for making it a dolls necklace.

Hobby Lobby has some bubblegum necklaces and bracelets for girls and I purchased the bracelet for a necklace for the AG dolls.
 Adorable isn't it?

Above is another great find I couldn't pass up - doll chest of drawers.  Hobby Lobby sells for 13.99 and I used my 40% coupon and it only cost 8.39.  I don't think my husband could have made it for that amount.  The drawers even pull out too.
 Perfect size for the dolls. Love it!
I hope you have enjoyed these thrifty doll finds and perhaps you can find them for your dolls.  As always thanks for stopping by and I hope I have been and inspiration to you.