Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thrifty Doll Finds for American Girl dolls

Over the past few months I have found some thrifty items for the 18 inch dolls such as American Girl dolls.

First item to show is the awesome paper clip holder I got at Target store.

 This was the most expensive item - $10 but well worth it.

Wouldn't you agree it was worth purchasing for the dolls?

Here is the mirco go and throw tooth brushes that I found at Dollar Tree (4 pack for one dollar) and they fit perfectly in the hand of the AG doll.

Here are the soda cans  and punch drings (actually lip balm containers) that work great for the AG dolls. They were on clearance at Walmart right after Christmas.  I think I only paid $2.40 for the 4 pack of sodas and $2.40 for the three cans of punch.

Hawaiian Punch can drinks
Mountain Dew bottles

Here are two "gift bags" that make great doll purses that I got at Wal-mart for only 50 cents each.
Another 50 cent find is the Gum Ball Machine that is perfect size for the American Girl doll or other 18 inch dolls

Here are some shoes that were from My Life collection at Wal-Mart for $2.00 each

Roller Skates - they actually work great.
  Pink Cowboy boots and pink roller blades - cool huh!
The doll tiaras found at Wal-Mart in the party prize selection 4-pack for a dollar and they come in 4 different colors.
Hope you can find these items for your dolls.  If you have some great store finds be sure to share. As always thanks for stopping by and I hope once again I have inspired you.