Sunday, May 11, 2014

American Girl Doll House - Custom Built

My husband graciously made me a doll house to use as a photo prop for my dolls, a place to store all the furniture he has made and for our precious granddaughters to play with.

Here is the Kitchen with the custom counter and cabinets he made.  He also made the table and chairs.  I will be doing a separate blog on how he made the kitchen counter and cabinets.

Here are the rooms.  Currently have one bedroom with a study room -  turquoise room.  We sold all the other doll beds so Dennis is going to make me another bed and this will be another bedroom.

Here is the bathroom. Bathtub/Mat/Robe/containers under sink is set from Target - Our Generation, sink is from Target - it is actually a paper clip holder purchased from the office section. The sink counter is custom built by my husband. I made my own towels and wash clothes. I purchased a kitchen drawer pulley from Lowe's and used as a towel rack. Mirror is from Micheal's, used foil scrapbook paper for mirror. The toilet is from baby doll potty training that I purchased at consignment sale. The body scrub brush is a adult facial brush purchased at Dollar Tree.

This is the patio.  He made the furniture.  We used long strips of peel and stick flooring purchased from Lowe's.

Here is one of the bedrooms.  Doll bed made my Dennis.  Dresser is from Hobby Lobby.

Flat Screen TV for living room  tutorial on making a Flat TV for doll house. I made a flat screen TV using a photo frame purchased at Wal-mart for 1.50. Made a copy of Saige's book, cut out picture and inserted into photo frame. Used Command strips to hang on living room wall.

I will be doing some mini blogs on each of the rooms with photos of the process of how we made the awesome doll house.  Hope you have enjoyed it and it is an inspiration for you to make one too.

As always - thanks for stopping by - GiGi