Friday, June 14, 2013

American Girl Doll Sleeping Bag Tutorial

My granddaughter asked me to make a sleeping bag for a birthday present for  her friend's doll Julie.  I knew Julie loved items from the 70's and I had some bandana's that I had purchased a while back with 70's designs on them. 

So I took the two bandana's and placed a layer of cotton batting in between the fabric.  I used pink thread and for the bobbin I used green thread since the bandana's already had that same color zig zagged around the edges.

 After sewing a straight seem around the fabric, I then zig zag with same color of thread pink for the top of fabric and green from the bottom(in bobbin).
 I then folded in half and used a wider zig zag to close the bottom and the sides.

The sleeping bag is reversible.

I made a pink pillow and appliqued name of the doll - Julie on it.  I used Winston font #181 from Jolsons Embroidery Designs.  I took my applique scissors and cut around the applique (peace signs is the fabric I used) to give it the "Raggy affect". I used hot pink embroidery thread.

Thanks for stopping and browsing.  Comments are always welcomed.  I will be listing American Girl Doll sleeping bags onto my Etsy store soon :)