Friday, July 11, 2014

Sew In Style Make Your Own Doll Clothes Book Review

Several weeks ago I entered an online contest on  a Facebook page click here --> Sew in Style Book  they were giving away the book Sew in Style Make Your Own Doll Clothes by Erin Hentzel.  I won the book and it came in the mail today.  In the contest you had to state who you would like to give the book too.  I have two granddaughters and I wanted to share it with the older one.  I want to inspire her into sewing.  She was really excited when I told her about it.  She will be here in a week so hopefully she pick out some patterns from the book and we can sew them.

I wanted to do a book review on it.  After I opened, I was so excited to win this is an awesome book full of tutorials, resources and patterns. As you can see on the photo above and the one below there are young girls in the photos and to inspire them to sew.  I recommend this book for the young, new to sewing, or advanced sewer.  One can never stop learning. This book is packed with projects and patterns. 22 projects.  Book cost 22.95 - so you are purchasing a pattern for approximately a dollar.  Now that's a sweet deal. 112 pages.

 Sew in Style: Make Your Own Doll Clothes ISBN 978-1-60705-765-6  Soft cover book.
 Chapter one is the Go To Chapter - that is packed full of sewing information  and bright colored photos- sewing notions, fabrics, how to cut patterns, seam allowance, trimming corners, clipping curves, list of supplies, glossary, etc.
If you are a visual learner this book has awesome photos. 

Patterns are at the back of the book and are made on thick paper. Patterns - here are just a few of the 22 projects  - skirts, tops, dresses, bracelet, purses, PJ's, sleeping bag, shorts, pants, yoga pants,  headbands, jeans, tunic top - awesome doll wardrobe collection.

Links for Sew in Style
Avery Lane Designs website
Avery Lane Designs on Facebook
Sew in Style on Facebook
Etsy - to purchase her other patterns and the book.

I have give this book 5 stars *****.  Well written and I cannot wait to sew doll clothes from this book and help inspire my granddaughters to sew too.  On the they are having a summer sewing camp.  Be sure and check it out.  They are giving away prizes too.

I hope to inspire you and your daughters or sons to start sewing doll clothes too and build your sewing skills.

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