Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Tutorial 18 inch doll Pencils and other School Supplies

I was needing some pencils to go along with my school theme background sets for photos and for my granddaughters to play with.  I decided to make my own pencils and folders.

 I remembered I had some wooden skewers and thought they would be the perfect size for the dolls hand. I had two sizes, and I decided to go with the larger skewer.  I cut the end off of one as you can see in photo below - about 3 inches.  I continued to cut the remainder skewer and used a small hand held pencil sharpener to give the faux pencil tip.

I made coloring pencils in the bottom two photo's in the above photo.

Below are the different color sharpies and highlighters I used to create faux doll pencils and coloring pencils. 

 Metallic Silver Painters Pen (can buy at Wal-Mart or any craft store) 
I used the black sharpie to create the black lead for the pencil.  I used the red sharpie to create the faux eraser.  I think used the silver paint pen to create the metal piece on a pencil that hold secures the eraser on to the pencil.  then I used a pink highlighter to color the pencil pink.  

Here is a backpack I made, school folders and one of the pencils. 

I purchased the American Girl "Doll School" book kit with book and school supplies for your dolls from Michaels. These can be purchased at Books-A-Million or Barne's and Noble also.  

I printed off these school papers and pattern for school folder from  Doll Diaries day 82  or you can purchase the school PDF  that contains Included: Doll sized teacher letters and manilla envelope template, folder template and school accessories printable, 3 different types of lined paper, worksheets, story starters, journal pages, and instructions to make a doll sized locker. Bonus full sized story starter and journal page for girls, too. Fifteen pages total. from  Doll Diaries on Etsy

I hope you have found this tutorial inspirational and will make some for your dolls. As always, thanks for stopping and reading my blog.