Friday, July 11, 2014

WW 1 Historical 18 inch Doll Nursing Uniform Pattern Review

I had the pleasure of being a doll pattern tester for Genniewren Etsy link on making the WW 1 Nurse Uniform for 18 inch dolls  Being a Registered Nurse - I was humbled and honored to test this pattern.

This was my first pattern to test.  I learned to make sure you read all instructions and not to sew when you are really tired.  I made a couple of mistakes - but they were my own.  The pattern is well written  with detailed instructions and a lot of photos.  I am a visual learner. Sometimes I have to see what the end results needs to be before I can sew it. I have to have a visual in my head. Sometimes that can be challenging to me. The pattern has two variations - two different collars, two different hats, and two different aprons.  Two arm bands and the option of making the sleeve protectors.

At the end of the pattern, there are several pages well written explaining the history of WW 1 nursing and several historical photos of nurses wearing their uniforms. The photo above and below are from Genniewrens  Pattern. 

Here are my photos:

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