Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trendy Doll Clothes that Fit Barbie Dolls Without Costing a Fortune

I was in Walmart buying some toys and noticed a collection of dolls called Sparkle Girlz and they had a variety of clothes to choose from.  I examined the dolls and noticed there shape and size was very similar to Barbie dolls. The outfits were only $1.97. So,  I purchased several sets of the clothes.
 Adorable top that has clear elastic shoulder straps, denim shorts with velcro closure in back, and adorable purple high heel shoes. All for $1.97.  Below is sneak preview of just one of the outfits I purchased - so stay tuned to see other outfits that I purchased.

 Cannot wait to mix and match doll clothes and shoes with these clothes. 

Thanks for viewing