Thursday, June 8, 2017

Barbie Size Flamingo Pool Float DIY Tutorial

I had seen several photo's of Barbie size dolls on a pink flamingo float.  At first I was thinking it was a special float made just for Barbie Dolls.  After searching on Google, I realized it was not specifically made for Barbie or similar size dolls.  They are referred to as Beverage Boats, Drink Floats, inflatable cup holders, and there are other styles than just the flamingo's.  Since I love pink and so does Barbie I went on a hunt locally to find a pink flamingo.  My local Walmart did not carry them but could order online.  I finally found a package at Hobby Lobby.  Package of 4 for $3.99.

 I know it is not officially summer, but the weather is summer like

 Barbie is wearing her new swimsuit from the Barbie Dolphin Magic Collection that comes with the adorable puppy with sunglasses. 
I was so excited to find the pink flamingo, I was thinking the package only had one.  I didn't even see 4 cups on the package.  4 inflatable cups for 3.99 is a bargain, and if you can use your 40% off coupon can get for less.  I was buying a higher priced item that was not on sale so I used the coupon on it.
 I am going to use my X-acto knife and remove the thin layer of plastic that holds the cup  that way I can insert Barbie all the way through. 

Barbie needs a cool beverage in her hand 

It pays to have your "dolls eyes" on at all times when shopping.  There are so many miniature items - DIY, and mini tutorials that can be used for dolls like Barbie.

I hope you enjoyed this mini DIY tutorial