Saturday, March 30, 2013

Custom Built Sewing Craft Counter

My dear sweet husband asked me if I wanted a new sewing room.  Well of course I said YES.  I have been sewing and cutting fabric on two folding tables.

He custom built this:

Here are the before pictures of my sewing room.

Here is where I sewed and embroidered. Serger machine - still need to learn to use.
The door leads to a huge walk in closet - that is where I store all of my fabric and suplies.

So this past week he worked very hard and created his own design and made me a huge sewing craft table.  Here are some pictures of the assembly of my new sewing counter.


New sewing room - After Pictures
 It is 8 x 8 ft, with the counter space for cutting fabric and crafting with my cricut is 32 inches wide.  Where I have the machines is 24 inches wide.

Here I can have access to all my machines
 I have all Brother machines - Brother Innovis 950D sewing/embroidery machine, Brother PE770D embroidery machine, and Brother 1034D serger.

 Love the extra storage for my cricut crafts and my thread and stabelizers for my embroidery machine.
 Here he used the furniture hole covers that we purchased at Home Depot so we could pull the electric cords up to the machines.
I love my new sewing room.

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