Friday, March 8, 2013

BBQ apron for Barbie

I found this free pattern and tutorial on Pinterest from Sharon sews -  for a 11.5 inch doll apron.  I modified it a little bit.  I found this awesome BBQ material at Hobby Lobby and decided to use it for a BBQ apron for Barbie. 

I found these realistic hot dogs on buns with mustard at JoAnn's on clearance for 25 cents.  They are for scrapbooking and had glue dots on the back of them and I placed them onto a silver tray (the tray is actually the lid off of cinnamon rolls icing).  I love to recycle items especially when I can make something for American Girl or Barbies look realistic.  The hot dogs stay put and don't get lost or stepped on (ouch).

                            Who is ready for summer and grilling?

 You can see the back of apron.  I used pony tail holders and cut them to fit around her neck and lower back.  These stretch, therefore making it easy to put on or remove.
 Here I used green, yellow, and black.  I couldn't find any red ones at the time I was making them.

Hope you enjoyed these.  Comments are welcomed/

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