Saturday, January 5, 2013

My valentines doll clothes creations

Here are some items I have created using purchase patterns and pdf patterns I have dowloaded from pinterest.  One of my favorite T-shirt patterns is from New Green Mama. and my favorite skirt pattern is from 

I also like being creative an altering patterns - something I thought I could never do.  It is just material...I sometimes have to keep telling myself that.  It is ok to make mistakes.  It is ok to throw it in the trash

One should never let fear stop them... I am the kind of person if I want something to just go for it. I can remember waking up after having an mild outpatient surgery at the young age of 26 and decided I was going to be a nurse and two weeks later I was at a university and enrolling into classes. I decided three years ago to get my MSN in nursing education and one week later I was enrolled and taking classes online. 

I have lots of patterns from McCalls, Simplicity and I just love the patterns you purchase online from Liberty Jane Clothing (LJC). They are to die for.  I love her creativity and the easy explanation in the patterns.

I just need more time to sew and sew...

I will be listing these items on my Etsy account (will be opening very very soon).