Monday, March 3, 2014

Thrifty Doll Finds # 3

I just love browsing stores for items to be re-purposed for American Girl dolls.  The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores to find items for the dolls.  They only cost a dollar.

I found this mini version puzzle of Minnie Mouse in a mini tin box.  I also found this book reading lamp.  Perfect size for the dolls desk.

 Here is the lap - has 5 light bulbs - uses 3 AA batteries and really works.
 Just the perfect size for the American Girl doll or any other 18 inch doll. there were three color choices - Hot Pink, White, and Black.
Here Isabelle is putting the Minnie Mouse puzzle together - perfect size for the dolls.
I found these three small bowls - perfect size for the dolls kitchen or...
 to be used as a pet food dish.
UPDATE - I used my circle punch and cut out small circles and made a dog paw print and placed in the bottom of the dog dish - making it more realistic for a dog dish.
As always thanks for browsing.  Hope you can find these items useful for your dolls play.