Saturday, July 6, 2013

New on Etsy - Backpacks for American Girl dolls

I came across this pattern on the Liberty Jane doll clothing site and just had to get it.  I love this pattern.  I still consider myself a newbie to sewing because there is still a lot I need to learn.  I have never sewn a purse with a liner - truth was scared of doing it.  I have made 6 backpacks. The part that takes the longest is cutting out all of the fabric for outside backpack, lining, and the interface for it.  I love sew with it.  Cannot wait to sew more designs and some for boy dolls too.

I made the granddaughters backpacks too from one of their favorite characters - Hello Kitty.

These Backpacks are listed on my Etsy store at

 I just love how this necklace looks on the doll too. It is child's bracelet that I purchased at target.  Reminds me of the bubble gum necklaces (very popular) that small girls (even teens and women) are wearing now.  I have seen them on facebook pages - BubbleGum Diva's. I got the chalkboard easel at Michaels for $1.00.  Just the right size for dolls.

The picture below is my favorite.  I just love black and white clothing.
 I did not sew front pocket on this chevron backpack because it would have hidden the chevron. 

 The silver "Toms" shoes located in the above photo - I made using the fabric glitter sheets.

These would make great gifts. What are your favorite colors/designs for backpacks?
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