Saturday, April 11, 2015

Historical American Girl Doll Clothing Featured on It's Sew Easy using Brother ScanNcut machine

I had the wonderful experience of sewing three historical doll outfits for the PBS TV show It's Sew Easy  using the Brother ScanNCut machine to cut the fabric that will air second week in April - be sure to check your local PBS listing for air times.  Here is the link to the online tutorial from using the Brother ScanNcut cutting fabric using doll patterns or use this link for viewing .

Here is Love U Bunches pattern sold exclusively on Pixie Faire

Here is my dress I made using the pattern and using the Brother ScanNCut machine to cut the fabric 
 Caroline - Historical American Girl Doll modeling this dress

Here is the 1930's Sleuth dress pattern from Sleuth 1930s dress from Doll House Designs on Etsy

Here is my dress I made using the pattern and using the Brother ScanNcut machine to cut the fabric.

 Chrissa - American Girl Doll modeling this dress

The next dress is the Sweet 1970's dress Sweet-70's from Keeper Dolly Duds on Estsy

Here is Julie modeling the 1970's dress

Brother ScanNCut makes cutting fabric a lot easier.  

Scan your doll clothes patterns and save onto your USB flash drive, You can also use the feature to mark your seam allowances with the pen that comes with the machine (erases with water).  When cutting out  patterns that are larger that the standard mat, you will need to use the longer mat and use the software Canvas that comes free with the purchase of your Brother ScanNCut machine to edit to cut out the larger pieces of fabric. I have seen on Facebook groups that have tried to cut fabric without using starch and I highly recommend using starch.  You don't have to have the fabric so stiff that you cannot bend it.  Justly lightly spray and iron -  I have used the Faultless brand of starch and I recently purchased Aleene's Stiffen Quick (just sprayed fabric - my first choice now).   Make sure to use your standard mat to cut the fabric.  Once you have uploaded your patterns onto your USB flash drive, cutting the fabric is easy.  As with any new technical machine, takes some time to learn, but once you learn how to use it you will be glad you did.  I have a Pinterest board - dedicated to cutting fabric with Brother ScanNcut that has some great tutorials on.

This show is to air this week - be sureto check your own local listing for the 803-3 PBS It's Sew  Easy or you can watch it online.

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