Sunday, January 4, 2015

Parisian Fashion for GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas American Girl Doll and other Dolls

 Paris - French clothing is such an inspiration and I love sewing for American Girl Dolls.  Since Grace Thomas Girl of the Year 2015 made her debut a few days ago, I have been sewing and selling "Parisian" style clothing and bedding.   I have ordered Grace Thomas and awaiting patiently for her arrival.  The nearest AG store is 3 hours away.   If you haven't seen Grace Thomas be sure to check her out.
 Elizabeth is modeling this pink beret with embroidered black heart and black trim.

The Beret Hat is to be a huge success in the doll fashion.  Here are a few of the items I have made either have sold or are for sale on my Etsy

Black and Tan with Red Beret animal print worn by Chrissa

 Chrissa is modeling this outfit

Pink Animal print worn by Elizabeth

 Heart embroidered on Beret - worn by Elizabeth

Eiffel Tower doll apron with ruffled elastic neck and waist straps - no tying - easy for small children.  Lanie is modeling the Aprons.
Below is another apron - has Eiffel tower, Baked sweets, shoes and purses - what Paris is famous for.  

Red jeans with real working pockets on front and back - white top with tiny black polka dots and red beret with white trim with black polka dots......Chrissa modeling is ready for Paris. 

Pink Beret with embroidered black heart 
  Love this embroidery design - heart with star - All American Girl
 Pink pants with white polka dots and sheen gray cuff at the the bottom compliments this outfit that Chrissa is wearing.

 Always Dream Paris

Below are some grey pants with white polka dots with grey cuffed leg and solid pink t-shirt
 Chrissa is modeling this outfit. 

 Perfect for Valentines Day

Bedding has been a huge seller for me. Here are some Paris themed prints 

 McKenna is modeling here in these photos.

To purchase these items or to make a custom request  check out my Etsy 

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